The Usefulness of Blind Rivets.

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blind rivets

Open-end blind rivets with break pull mandrel and protruding head serve to build fast and blindly joint (so working on one side only).

How is the blind rivets structure?

Rivet cylinder is hollow and contain a plug that it’s tears off. And warp its end out, under the end zone with a larger diameter. The riveter is the specialized tool for the working of the blind rivets, that’s thanks to its specific functioning. Indeed, it pull up the joint to deform the tailstock, while it has the head with a collar (to guarantee the proper positioning of the rivet). The joint is then broken traction because it has a special breaking section, to make tear easier.

The riveter.

Riveter could be manual or pneumatic and it has an easy operation. Also, its cost is not high. The compressed air one is much more efficient, because it has a mechanism that can keep the blind rivets closer to the head. While the ripped nail is recovered and stored posterior tank.

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