Stainless Steel Seeger Ring for the Inside or Outside of Pipes

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seeger ring

The Seeger ring is named after the Seeger-Orbis, a German company producing mechanical components. This company was founded in October 1917 by Will Seeger. At the beginning the company was selling locomotives cylinders but, in 1927, ten years later, Hugo Heiermann patented the retaining “Seeger Ring”.

The “Seeger” is an elastic stainless steel retaining ring which a not-complete circumference. Furthermore, at its both ends there’re two holes for grafting of special Seeger plier.

The Seeger rings may be of two types:

  • INSIDE: these rings are mainly used for inside recess on pipes. According to DIN 472 (UNI7437) standard.
  • OUTSIDE: there rings are used for shaft or outside on pipes recess. According to DIN 471 (UNI7435) standard.

The Seeger ring can be placed in order to avoid the come out of other parts. This ring can replace a split pin, if increased resistance is required. Also, the Seeger ring can be used to replace of couple of nut and split pin, in case of reduced resistance.

What type of Seeger ring can be bought online?
  • Retaining ring for shaft
  • Retaining ring for hole

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