Hexagon Head Screw, the Most Classic and Most Common

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hexagon head screw

Already from the name we can guess the particularity of this screw. The bolts specifically the coupling of screw and nut, compounds in most cases from hexagon heads screw and hexagon nuts.

What kind of hexagon heads can you find online?
  • Hexagon screw
  • Hexagon bolt
  • Hexagon head bolt with flange, without knurl
  • Hexagon head tapping screw
  • Hexagon head wood screw (anchor bolt)
  • Hexagon drilling screw with collar and tapping screw thread
What are the correct instructions to use for right tightening?

The processing of the hexagon head screw is less complicated because the tools that we can use for it are really many. We can use:

Pipe wrench

A socket wrench (alias “for wiring”) is, as the name says, tube-shaped and has at the end a perfect access to grip on a nut or a bolt. When to use it? It is especially useful in cases where the nuts and bolts are difficult to reach with wrenches, for example when they are closed or bushes or because of the deep position. Another advantage of the pipe wrench is the possibility to insert a metal bar or a screwdriver till the end of the holes to exert greater force by turning the key.

Adjustable wrench

If you do not have a suitcase containing keys of different sizes, you can opt to use the adjustable wrench equipped with a spout which can adapt to the size of the screw. The opening of this key can be adjusted by rotating the small sized wheel positioned on top of the handle. A truly effective solution but care is needed because the head of the nut or bolt can be damaged if the spout is not taken perfect.


Fork Key

There are several types of wrenches but usually the most known are those that have at the two ends of the “spout” different sizes to facilitate the work because with one key you can work on bolts of different sizes. Measurements can start from (7-6 mm up to a size superior than 30mm)

Closed loop key (also called ring key)

The closed loop key presents a ring with internal 12 teeth which allow a tightening around the head of the nut or bolt. This key allows you to exercise a lot of tension thanks to the perfect winding around the bolt but you must make sure that it fits securely.

Socket wrench

This key allows to change different types of wrench by inserting one of the most correct size for their work and is equipped with a left-right selector to use it for both, to loosen or to perfectly safe the nuts and bolts.

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