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cross recessed head screws

Cross recessed head screws: cheese head or pan head?

That’s a dilemma worthy of Shakespearean Hamlet! But we shall see about how to resolve this particular problem..

Italy: a few words on the question of the legislation.

The standard UNI 7687 has been still in force since 1977 and provides for the screinoxmare_cross_recessed_head_screwws the presence of raised cheese head (See Fig. 1). Indeed, a corner is visible on the screws head lateral surfaces (on the technical drawing) like a cylinder topped by a spherical calotte.

And what happens in Europe?

inoxmare_cross_recessed_head_screwsHowever, at European level  was adopted the standard EN ISO 7045:2011 – Pan head screws with type H or type Z cross recessed – Product grade A that transposes the standard ISO 7045:2011.

The cross recessed head screws have a pan head, in this case. (See Fig. 2)

The Italian anomaly.

So, pay attention! You can still find the cataloguing UNI 7687 in some Italian commercial catalogues. You’ll be needing to see the wording EN ISO 7045:2011 (ex UNI 7687). Although in reality this standard is still in force.

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