Stainless Steel Marine Hinges. When to Drill?

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The centre-to-centre distance and the holes dimention: all the problems you have. I just blew a hole in the boat before receiving the batch of stainless steel hinges. Is it possible that the centre-to-centre distance and hole dimensions are different from those that appear on the catalogue? For some marine hardware the answer what you can give to your costumers is “yes”.

Sometimes, half a millimeter can also be the difference.

Would not recommend.

We really don’t recommend to make hole-drilling before receiving the batch of stainless steel hinges.

The dimensions in our catalogue or website are just as an indication.

Thus, such dimensions can vary from batch to batch. In particular the centre-to-centre distance and the holes distance.

Indeed, our stainless steel hinges are not subject to any legislation. Minimal differences as regards the holes tolerances, without changing the quality of the product and its use functionality.


With a few simple adjustments.

This advice are essential also for the work processes planning for the deep-hole-drilling machines.

So, we have to be careful  about the centre-to-centre distance and the holes dimention of all the marine hardware (for example: toggle, eye strap etc..)

So remember: no holes before receiving the marine hardware batch.

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