Stainless Steel Fasteners – Withdrawal DIN 7981 Standard: 3 Things To Know

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DIN 7981

Stainless steel fasteners updates! Withdrawal DIN 7981 Standard.

DIN 7981. The withdrawal and the consequential amendment.

The ISO 7049 meaning then took over the DIN 7981. This meant the change to some quotas according to the following table.

The cross recessed pan head tapping screws have been partly amended. Specifically, on head height and diameter.


The requests for supply in accordance with legislation.

Although, the ISO standard is becoming even more important, the German DIN standards have made a reference point for a long time.

Indeed, according to our estimates, most of the request for supply are in accordance with DIN standard, even now.

However, receiving requests ever more frequently in accordance with new DIN EN ISO standard.


We give you some advice.

So pay attention! When you order a screw:

  • It’s important to indicate clearly about which standard you are referring.
  • You’ll go into business with reliable partners. Especially, the contracts which are needed to meet precise design instructions.

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