Cone Point Socket Set Screws . What Are The Differences Between DIN and ISO?

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cone point socket set screws

Stainless steel cone point socket set screws are used on materials (e.g: handles, fittings etc..) suitable for being penetrated by the point in order to achieve a stable assembly. Cone points are necessary for good-quality assemblies.

Cone point socket set screws. DIN 914: reduced socket depth.

The DIN 914 standard, states that for lengths shorter or equivalent to the diameter, the socket depth is reduced proportionally. The point conicity will be 120° according to the following table, just for some sizes. (see fig.1).


Cone point socket set screws. ISO 4027: standard socket depth.

According to ISO 4027, some sizes up to diameter n° 5, keep their point at 120° even though their lengths are higher (1mm) than the diameter.

Pay attention to what you order and from who you order.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce cone point socket set screws, according to both DIN and ISO rules.

So just be careful! Always be sure that your supplier has everything you need before sending your order.

INOXMARE always guarantees the assortment and availability of both the products.

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