Stainless Steel Wood Screws and Bolts –What Are They All For?

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wood screws

There are many different kinds of wood screws.

And all of these guarantee a safe and fast installation to your customers (and also durable).

Today we want to consider some of them.

Hexagon head wood screws. What are and what they’re for?

The screws with large-diameter are called “hexagon head wood screws” or lag screws. These are specific to fastening on wood. Indeed, once they were used for the fixing of the rail to the wood sleeper.tirafondo.jpg

The hexagon head screws are usually characterized by their hexagon or square head, suitable to be fasten by a wrench.


Wood Bolts: the screws with the nuts!

The wood screws with nut are knows as “wood bolts”. These have a pan head and also, they have a squared lower-part. When the bolts are fastened, this squared lower part penetrate the wood and keeping screw to rotate.

Find out every wood screws.

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