Some Curiosities About Road Salt and Stainless Steel!

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Bikers are very attentive to the equipment needed for a motorcycle trips. What one has to do with stainless steel and road salt? Let’s find out together

Snowy roads and motorcycle trips.

There are many “riders” who organize motorcycle trips during the winter season. Then, the accessories to take with them become essential. Motorcycle suits, jackets, gloves, helmets, boots, but not only them. The bike also needs special equipment, especially if you plan to travel on snowy roads. These, in fact, are usually sprinkled with road salt to avoid the formation of ice. The salt on the asphalt, therefore, risks damaging the bike’s equipment, but how?


Motorcycle Side Bags.

The side bags for the bike (much used to take long journeys), for example, are one of the accessories that are likely to spoil easily. Hard, soft or semi-rigid, these can be made in

  • aluminium (hard and shock-resistant)
  • cordura (resistant and robust) fastened with straps to the bike frame.

For rigid bags, there is a stainless steel fastening structure that is resistant to even the most extreme stresses.

This also applies to stainless buckles, studs, closures, hinges and carabiners which have an important aesthetic value.


The dangers of road salt.

The damage of the de-icing salt to the fixing and embellishment structures of the motorcycle bags, may occur in the form of pitting corrosion.

In fact, chlorine ions can reach the glossy surfaces and give the start to electrochemical process of pitting corrosion.


It becomes fundamental, therefore, to choose for these realizations, stainless steel resistant in saline environments (for example AISI316). Precisely because this type of material results more resistant to the aggression of chlorides (if low concentration).

Furthermore, it will be essential to clean the metal parts at the end of the journey.



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