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There has always been an unresolved doubt about the DIN 6797 and DIN 6798 lock washers. In today’s blog post we want to try to dissipate it along with you..

Different countries, different lettering.

In Germany, in order to differentiate the various shapes (e.g. external serrated, internal serrated, flared serrated, etc.) are used the following lettering AZ, IZ, and AVZ.

Internationally (and also in Italy), the following letters A, J and V are used to distinguish the various shapes.

Lock Washers: the regulations.

Deepening the issue, then, it turns out that the regulations DIN 6797 and DIN 6798 are no longer available on the portal of the Beuth.de. Looking instead, the Italian compensation standard on the UNI store portal was clear that the UNI 3703 standard of 1921 was replaced by the UNI 8841 standard of 1985. In addition, the UNI 8842 standard (for elastic washers with overlapping teeth) is created at the same year.

Some clarification.

After a very long search, we were able to clarify an important part of this aspect. The rules on elastic, elastic conical and standard lock washers have all been withdrawn for some time. All but the DIN 6796.

Laboratory tests have shown that washers according to the DIN 127-128-137-6797-6798-7980 regulations are to be considered useless (i.e. do not perform their anti-unscrewing function) when used with screws and bolts with 8.8 or upper class (R80 for stainless steel).

The advice we give to users and to pay special attention when choosing the washers to the resistance class of screws and nuts. The latter, in fact, may not be as effective as you think.

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