What Is the Difference Between Plain and Curved Spring Washers?

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plain and curved spring washers

This week we received on our blog a question very interesting technical question about plain and curved spring washers.

We want to share it with you, together with its response that our expert gave.

What’s the first question?

What is the difference to using a plain or a curved spring lock washers?

Our expert answer: what is the difference between plain and curved spring washers?

Plain spring lock washers prevents the unscrewing by the spring tension. It is precisely this latter to put force on the two free ends of the split (e.g. split washers or Grower). Curved spring washer, instead, takes advantage of the attempt of the washer to return to its original shape (e.g. conical, curved, disc springs).

Also, remember that the boundaries of the split washers could damage the contact surfaces on which the bolt or screw must be applied. So, it all depends on the surfaces with which the washers come into contact. If we have a surface that cannot be damaged, for example, you may prefer to use a curved spring washer. But if we want a better grip, the lock washer with rectangular section and sharp edges, join the spring tension to the friction generated by the edges on the supporting surfaces.

A clarification.

To lock washer with rectangular section and sharp edges we mean the DIN 127 type A. Although all split washers can attack the surface, regardless of the edge chamfer. Of course, friction will be greater in those with the sharp edge, increased accordingly will also imprint that these can leave. There is little demand for the washer DIN 127 type A, in fact, because its edges are so accentuated. Often, if you need a more accurate tightening you can be used safety or contact washers. Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that if the surface on which to place the washer have a smaller diameter compared to the screw head diameter, or it is not plain, it will be necessary to opt for an lock washer internal teeth.

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