Split Pins and Beta Pin. When Use Them?

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split pins

Split pins are the union of mechanical engineering which prevents nut from keeping going out. Also they can be used to block the linchpins, so that they cannot fall off them location.

What split pins are?

Split pins form are similar to a nail ripped in two parts in the longitudinal direction. Although in fact them are made up of the metal bar with a semi-circular sector which are folded after them had formed a eyelet.

The two ends are not with the same length because these are in different size and the opening is strongly facilitated.

These are the classic Split pins but there are different type, for example the elastic Split pins.


The elastic split pins.

The elastic split pin is also known as Beta Pin (or R-Clip) and it is recognized at a glance by a folded bar. It is specifically composed of a straight part and a shaped part so it can flex without deformation. Thus, it can be re-used.

The straight part goes on the hole, while the shaped part taken directly on the spindle. The elastic spit pin is primarily of use in cases where disassembling and reassembling are very frequently. For example, these are often changed in the agricultural processing when the machines for tilling the soil down (plough) or for mowing.

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