How to Use the Hydraulic Crimping Tool?

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hydraulic crimping tool

Our post today relates to the hydraulic crimping tool 12. In particular, we will discuss what you can press, as well as some important technical data. The task of the crimping tool is to connect a wire rope to a termination.

Let’s start with the basics: stainless steel wire ropes.

Wire ropes (or cables) may have different sizes and they are available in 3 types of structures. Inoxmare, for example, has a series of stainless steel ropes range which includes:

  • wire ropes 1×19 wires (hard)
  • 7×7 wires (stranded)
  • 7×19 wires – 133 wires (soft).

For many architectural applications it is recommended to use a semi-soft cable 7 x 7 that will be our reference meter for measurements that follow.


What you can press with the hydraulic crimping tool?

The special hydraulic crimping tools with their crimping base can press:

  • Wire ropes terminals for nautical use (2.5/4 mm, limited for Æ 5mm)
  • Mini-swage stud terminal (1.5/8 mm)

So you run a hexagonal crimping.

Some technical data about hydraulic crimping tool.

The clamping force up to 12/16 To. The maximum pressable thickness is 12 mm. And also the maximum piston stroke is 22 mm and its length of 480 mm. And the weight? It is 5.2 Kg.


Here is some useful advice from hydraulic crimping tool.

It is necessary to use specific products for proper maintenance of a hydraulic crimping tool. First of all the right hydraulic oil! The choice of this product is fundamental. We recommend the Shell Tellus T15. In addition, at the end of the work you will need to grease the hydraulic crimping tool head and the crimping bases with a rust inhibitor.

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