Technical Question – What Type of Self-Drilling Screws for Stainless Steel?

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Also this week we would like to share with you a question coming to our blog. In this case the application relates to a problem encountered in shipyards, about air conducts.

The technical question – What type of self-drilling screws for stainless steel?

A user who work on shipyards sent us this technical question. During the work on board operators are working on galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel air conducts. As long as it’s galvanized screw screws on an air conducts galvanized too, not arise special problems. But when the air conducts are in stainless steel, however, it becomes a whole new story. Our user informs us that the self-drilling screws (stainless steel) used do not work correctly. These, in fact, by overheating during screwing fail to drill and then break. And after several searches and tests (with self-drilling screws in A2 and A4) tried to seek advice from us. Another problem, in fact, is to fail to find in Italy suitable screws to this application.


Our technician answer.

Our skilled technician replied that only drilling stainless steel screws, are good for aluminium, plasterboard and plastic metals. He suggested, therefore, the use of the Bi-metal screws. These special screws have the body on A2 or A4 stainless steel and the head on carbonitrided steel. Carbonitriding is a metallurgical process (pieces of steel are heated to high temperatures and run over by a gaseous mixture can yield carbon and nitrogen) that provides to pcs increased resistance. But we also answer the second question. Where to buy these screws? The Friulsider is, for example, an Italian retailer that, in all likelihood, also has conical screws (countersunk flat head). There are, also, dealers in Europe that ship to Italy.

Thanks to our user who has enabled us to tackle a topic really useful.

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