200 Series Stainless Steels Vs AISI 304

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Nickel price variability often leads to look for alternatives in the family of austenitic as the AISI 304. Today we will examine the 200 Series with chromium and manganese.

Corrosion resistance: 200 Series Vs AISI 304.

To compare the corrosion resistance of 200 series stainless steels with those to the chromium and nickel (q.v. AISI 304) were performed several tests, over the years. The increased presence of chromium is a critical factor for corrosion resistance. In the 200 series steels the presence of chromium is reduced to 15-16% (or even of 13-14%), much lower than the 18% of the AISI 304. The AISI 304 is therefore more resistant to corrosion than the 200 series stainless steels.

Pitting resistance: 200 Series Vs AISI 304.

In addition to corrosion resistance, even the degree of pitting resistance is fundamental, especially to evaluate the uses of steel. In this case the chromium and sulfur contents influence their resistance. Sulphide inclusions, in fact, increase the danger of explosion of pitting. It becomes clear that the AISI 304 will have greater resistance to pitting compared to 200 series stainless steels.

Atmospheric corrosion resistance: 200 Series Vs AISI 304.

Finally we want to compare the resitance of these steels to atmospheric corrosion. Also in this case we find a clear difference between the behavior of AISI 304 steel compared to Cr-Mn steels. The results of the tests (exposure to salt mist and cold formability) showed a tendency to form martensite. Besides the fact that 200 series stainless steels are somewhat susceptible to cold cracking after deep drawing. It is also clear that 300 series steels (e.g. corrosion resistance) are decidedly different from those of 200 series.

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