Austenitic Stainless Steel Fasteners. Why Use Them? PART I

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Today we are talking about what technical topics for the use of austenitic steel fasteners. Also the avoidance of potential problems.

Here’s some advantage.

The surface of austenitic steels is shiny and of good appereance. In fact, a connecting element that does not rust will donate aesthetic perfection. In addition to aesthetics, austenitic steels are extremely safe because they are resistant to corrosion. The latter reduces the strength and functionality of the nuts and bolts. The lack of rust on bonding allows the correct conservation of any white plastic parts or tissues. The absence of rust spots will not spoil fabrics.


The health benefits.

The lack of rust on bonding allows it to be used safely, without worries of infections caused by rusted parts. This type of steel is also perfect for food use. This will avoid that galvanized steel parts come into contact with foodstuffs. Or which comes in contact with the mouth of babes. Austenitic stainless steels are easy to clean and ensure a perfect hygiene. In contrast to raw or galvanized bolting where corrosion products or soiling may be difficult to eliminate.



Magnetic or non-magnetic?

Austenitic chrome-nickel steel is almost entirely non-magnetic. This allows it to be used in electronic equipment and measuring instruments. On the contrary, the use of magnetic fasteners may cause interference, could attract iron powder or cause corrosion.

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