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The birth of the stainless steel cross recessed screws type Z Pozidriv (which is later than type H Phillips) initially appreciated for torque much higher and for the output, once you quit, without deforming the imprint or bits like the usual slotted screws (footprint screwdriver) present at the time.

Pozidriv Screws.

The last one however may prove a disadvantage because you risk damaging the surfaces around the screw and that’s why new studies were carried out to improve the efficiency of the screw with recess cross type H (Phillips).

The footprint of the screws was improved and the new patent is filed jointly by Philips Screw Company and American Screws Company with the name Pozidriv Screws (Positiv + Drive).

Difference for those who use the cross recessed screws?

The screwdrivers Pozidriv have the side edges much more rectilinear their tip is blunt and presents a smaller rib of 45 °. Pozidriv is designed to allow greater torque without risking the spillage of the bit, even at the end. The disadvantage is that it’s not so easily distinguished from the Phillips and the fact that the bit are not interchangeable, often you use the wrong ones and you risk to ruin the cross recessed screws or the bits, which are much more expensive.

What kind of screw type Z (Pozidriv) can you find online?

Cross recessed screws with:

  • pan head
  • countersunk head
  • countersunk (flat) head tapping, type C (with cone point)
  • raised countersunk oval head tapping, type C (with cone point)


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