Characteristics of Self-Drilling Screws or Drill Screws

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self-drilling screws

The drill screws or self-drilling screws are used in cases where the processing is done with aluminum or other light metals. These screws already have the pre-formed hole and it forms the screw, for this it does not need the use of drill bits.

The particular drill bit is given by the shearing (shearing is a process of plastic deformation, cutting) of the screw from which it takes a special form. This form prevents the screw from slipping on the surface on the part to fix and allows a fast drilling and obviate the punch mark (incision made with a chisel that occurs prior to drilling).

Practicality aside, what are other benefits derived from the use of drilling or self-drilling screws?

Punching and Pre-drilling operations are no longer necessary and it prevents the risk of misaligned holes in the assembled parts.

These features make the drill screws suitable to use in many different sectors as:

  • Drywall
  • Building Facades
  • White industry (large electric-household sector)
  • Windows
  • Ducts for heating and ventilation
  • Construction sector
With the new online shop and thanks to the fast order for purchasing, even faster than before, you can choose from four types of drilling screws:
  • Hexagon head drilling screw with collar with tapping screw thread
  • Cross recessed pan head drilling screw with tapping screw thread (Phillips H)
  • Cross recessed flat countersunk head drilling screw with tapping screw thread (Phillips H)
  • Hexalobular socket countersunk head wood screw (TX), six threads and pointed

Self-drilling screws and Drill Screws. Where find them?

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