When to Use Self-Locking Nuts or Auto-braking With Polyamide Insert

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self-locking nuts

Self-locking nuts and auto-braking. During assembly, the screw meet running resistance by the friction between thread and polyamide washer.

Why carried out the washer with this type of material?

The polyamide has a very high elasticity. This allows to tighten and unscrew frequently the self-locking nuts.

Also it’s one of the few to resist a numerous of chemical products for industrial purposes. The polyamide is deteriorating permanently of mineral acids only, into contact with strong acid bases and sulphuric or chromic acid bathing.

The insert can be of blue, white or grey color and more rarely yellow. The density changes a bit its braking ability according to the color and the compound. This does not alter its self-locking function but can make a difference in an improper use of nuts (that is to tighten and unscrew frequently the self-locking nut).

All-metal self-locking nuts are the better choice when the temperatures here exceed 100 degrees or fall below 40 degrees, for the perfect realization.

It is obtained through a radial-deflection of thread. And it is lubricated with specific especially products to prevent the seizure.


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  5. Hexagon nut with knurl flange

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