Hexagon Socket Set Screws. How to Measure the Resistance?

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hexagon socket set screws

The stainless steel hexagon socket set screws, commonly without head, cannot be subject to the resistance test like other screws. As such, our producers follow the ISO 3506-3 standard which provides 21H strength class.

This standard refers to the mechanical properties of connecting elements in corrosion-proof stainless steel.  As with Grub screws.

The different classification.

Indeed, a different classification is applied only for the austenitic stainless steel.

Material is classified according to alphanumeric initials should identifies:

  • The stainless steel type and chemical composition (or grade, for example: A1, A2, A3 etc..)
  • May also be indicated its hardness H followed by a number (for example: H21 or H12). Number representing  1/10 of the minimum Vickers strength degree of a components. (fig.2)


Classification system according to UNI EN ISO 3506-3 standard (fig. 1)

How do you measure the hardness class?

Moreover, there are different test methods and scales of value to measure the material resistance. These measurements are conducted with specific machines equipped with different forms of penetrators.

The material resistance intrusion (by a penetrator) is determined with the hardness tests.

Set screws shall conform to the hardness requirements given in Table 4.


(fig. 2)

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